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Mini letter set by D.Won – stationery review

With this cute mini letter set in my shopping basket, I didn’t mind getting lost in the Alpha store at Namdaemun Market in Seoul. While trying to figure out, which floor I was on, I already imagined how I will write a lovely birthday note for a friend who loves hydrangeas. She will be so thrilled!

And I was too, because:

  • hydrangea illustrations
  • cute size
  • perfect for a quick thank you note or birthday wishes
mini letter set cute envelope and letter paper
The set includes 2 envelopes and 4 letter papers.

This mini letter set is made in South Korea, by D.Won and they have many more designs to chose from. I must admit – I bought another two (whales and shrimps, air mail postcards) just because I liked them too much to leave the shop without them. Which wasn’t an easy task either, as I mentioned above. The stationery section of Alpha store in Seoul spreads across 4 floors in 2 interconnected buildings, forming a crazy maze of stairs and rooms filled to the brim with stationery, art and school supplies, gift items and accessories. More on that later, I got carried away, back to the letter sets!

cute mini letter set hydrangea envelopes
Small is always cute^^

The set includes 2 cute mini envelopes which will bring joy to those who will open them to reveal your lovely note hand-written on a cute hydrangea flower paper. And the small size is a big help for those who fear they won’t find the write words. Which is a common reason why so many people don’t write any gift or thank you notes or don’t write at all. The sheer blank space scares them away. Not with this set, mind you.


  • 2 envelopes (104mm x 72mm)
  • 4 letter papers (size: 130mm x 98mm)
  • Made in South Korea

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