minimalist grid notebook in red color princeton architectural press
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Minimalist grid notebook – Princeton Architectural Press

The minimalist grid notebook from Princeton Architectural Press never ceases to amaze me, whenever I get my hands on it. The first time, I got a chance like that, was in the Mollat Librairie in Bordeaux. Wandering through rooms full of books, the beloved scent of paper filing my nose, click, the autopilot is on and I see me dashing for the nearest shelve with: notebooks! What else? I am a stationery lover! Dear, oh dear, and what I have found! 

minimalist grid notebook in red color princeton architectural press
There it is: a minimalist grid notebook by Princeton Architectural Press

What I especially love about this grid notebook is:

  • unique grid patterns inside – a dream for all minimalists
  • infographics
  • beautifully cloth-bound cover

This grids & guides notebook is a perfect example of minimalist stationery, which is simple and clean, the best for keeping a clear mind every day. And staying focused on things that matter. Some days you need an energizing notebook to kick-start you, and some days, everything – you included – is too vibrant, too loud and you yearn for a calming moment, breath in, breath out. This is the notebook for the job.

A smart guide

It’s smart enough to know how to clear your thoughts buzzing around in your mind. Yes, it’s a smart notebook, an analogue version of a smart device. Ok, I might have gone a bit overboard with that statement, but why not? If you are reading this, I am right to assume, that you are passionate about stationery. So yes, this notebook can be stress relieving, its style is simple and clean, what else do you need after a busy day?

minimalist grid notebook inside pages Paperjoys stationery review
This notebook is minimalist, but no simpleton.

If your first thought is: grids? nah, boring! I invite you to look at it again, and please do it properly. There is no doubt – it is simple on the outside, yet on the inside, it is literally the opposite. Those different types of complex grids – a feast for visual thinkers. You might even be interested enough to try to google them – what are they called and who uses them for what. 

The size is approximately A5, which makes it handy to carry in your backpack/handbag yet leaves you enough space for your creativity to flow freely onto the paper. The cloth-wrapped cover comes in many options of styles and colours – all of them very calming and muted: grey, black, dark blue. Furthermore, its hard cover is sturdy enough to keep it in shape. 

Paper quality

Premium smooth paper inside feels thick enough for various pens. The different grid lines are sharp and crisp to firmly guide your hand while writing, yet do not disturb you doing so. They are either in light blue, light dark color or a combination of both.

how to tie the knot stationery review Paperjoys
Have you decided to tie the knot?

What to use this minimalist grid notebook for?

it is very much suitable for: 

  • notes, sketches,
  • plans, dreams, goals
  • data, lists, 
  • journalling
  • maybe even bullet journals of the courageous? 

It is a perfect company for any stationery enthusiast – especially those who love minimalism – and  designers, girl bosses, travellers, artists or writers. 

The maker: Princeton Architectural Press

It is clear, that  they know their subjects well – that is why they focus on architecture and design in their products and you can really admire their commitment to publish books and gifts that are elegant, useful, smart and high quality. 


  • Paper: high quality 80 gsm
  • Page count: 160
  • Length: 210mm
  • Width: 146mm
  • Cover: hard, cloth-covered
  • Binding: sewn, case bound, hardcover
  • Inside: 8 different grid designs + variety of explanatory charts, infographics and tables – from knot tying to logic expressions

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Yours, Paperjoys

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