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Japanese style stickers and labels by Pepin Press – stationery review

Traditional ornaments, cherry blossoms, geishas and nature sceneries on these Japanese style stickers and labels by Pepin Press, oh just look at them, how beautiful they are! They will bring you joy into your gift-wrapping and decorating. 

So why do I like them:

  • delicate Japanese style design
  • different shapes and sizes of labels
  • made of paper: you can easily write on them
paper labels stickers and tapes japanese style pepin press
The front cover of the sticker book with a small bunny logo of Pepin Press

The sticker book contains:

32 sheets of paper labels, stickers and tapes – a total of about 250: bright coloured labels, round-shaped sakura blossomed, delicate blue and white labels and so much more.

labels in bright colours with the design of sakura cherry blossoms
Vivid blossoms will catch the eye.

Paper quality

High-quality sticker paper which is uncoated and makes it easy for you to write on – with a pen, pencil or felt markers. Especially your beloved metallic or glitter pens can benefit from the uncoated surface – they will dry easier and faster. It’s hassle-free writing.  

blue and white labels I suppose you can even colour them in if you like
Blue and white labels – they have some space to write your message or a name for the gift tag.

You can use the Japanese style stickers and labels for example on:

  • gift wrapping

Nowadays, everyone is rushing from point A to point B, already stressing about C, so investing your time – that scarce resource – into a personally decorated gift wrap for your loved ones, will bring joy into their busy lives. At least for a brief moment, and it is worth it. If you are not a fan of gift wrapping and find it too difficult to bother with – as I do, sometimes, these stickers will make it easy for you: just pick a nice single coloured wrapping paper and the stickers will take care of the rest^^

  • name tags/ gift tags

The stickers and labels from Pepin Press serve a double purpose: firstly, you can adorn the gifts for your loved ones and secondly, when you write their names or your message, they function as name or gift tag at the same time. What is more, there is no need to fuss about with gift tags with strings, how convenient is that?

  • decorating and sealing letters, notes, greeting cards, 
  • brightening up your photo albums, journals and planners, or creating borders in your notebook pages and covers as well as bullet journals
  • scrapbooking

To sum up, the stickers are so elegant, I can assure you will find other useful features on them, just to find an acceptable reason to use them^^

Besides, they are a great gift for a friend who loves stylish Japanese design.

Have fun decorating!

The maker: Pepin Press

Pepin Press designs, produces and sells a whole range of high-quality art & design products – gift & creative papers, artists’ materials, art bags, paper placemats, writing sets, sticker books, notepads and other stationery and books – and you can find them in many exclusive museum gift shops around the world. A big reward for me to visit, after I have seen the exhibitions. Do you enjoy visiting gift shops on museums too?


  • Paper: high-quality sticker paper
  • Page count: 32sheets
  • Length: 240mm
  • Width: 172mm
  • Labels: total of 250 in different shapes and sizes

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Until next time, Yours, Paperjoys

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