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Energizing notebook by Cedon – stationery review

Energizing, that is the word that came to my mind when I got my hands on this notebook by Cedon. Its paper magic works instantly, it’s refreshing, a much needed spirit of optimism. The perfect notebook for those days when you feel worn out, tired and overworked.

  • Vibrant colours
  • Premium paper
  • Inside pocket + rubber band
notebook by cedon germany energizing pink cover
Notebook by Cedon – these colours give you energy

You can find Cedon products in every well-stocked book store or museum gift shop in Germany (where I discovered them). Their collections range from notebooks and other paper products to pens, pencils, shopper bags and stylish office supplies.

When you get your hands on this notebook and you will, because it is almost magnetic to any paper lover, the touch of the notebooks says it all – high quality with attention to detail. Cheaply made notebooks that you can buy anywhere will cut your fingers when you run them over the edges of the pages. Not happening here, you can count on that. 

cedon notebook dotted grid inside with pocket
Most importantly: it has a pocket, yipppiii! 

The paper is very smooth to write on, it has a certain silky touch, which I enjoy very much. With delicate dots forming a grid, lovely lovely! – a hint to all bullet planner fans out there^^

If you love pockets on a dress or a skirt, you will probably look for them in your notebook as well. And you will find them here – they will keep all your stuff together. Just the way how the rubber band will keep it shut when needed. Into the bag, and off you go, no worries, it won’t open and or get damaged on the way.


  • Paper: 80gsm
  • Page count: 192
  • Length: 210mm
  • Width: 145mm
  • Binding: sewn
  • cover: semi-soft, with matt lamination

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