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A cute Japanese schedule book by Iroha – Stationery review

There is nothing weird about loving cute Japanese schedule books, right? – I reassured myself calmly, as any reasonable adult would do, when buying this one in Loft department store in Kyoto, Japan. I had to visit the stationery section twice to decide what to buy, because the selection was too overwhelming. Finally, I decided on the monthly schedule book by Iroha, because: 

  • cuteness overload
  • handy size
  • smooth paper
cute japanese schedule book by Iroha cover
A cute Japanese schedule book by Iroha – cover with penguins.

A schedule book is an equivalent of a common diary or planner, apart from…it isn’t. The delicate and well thought-out details, full colour pages with cute illustrations make it stand out among its dull peers, which can be found anywhere in Europe or the US in abundance. THIS schedule book will make you smile each time you take it out of your bag to scribble some notes down. And that’s something that a boring planner will never accomplish. 

cute schedule book Iroha_cover - inside
Every month shows a different cute animal

Iroha goods is a Japanese company that is a bit of a mystery to me – this cute schedule book is a part of the animal collection by Kohem – but their products are so cute and lovely, I don’t care their names are a tad confusing. That is part of their appeal.

cute japanese schedule book - colourful inside

The paper is lovely smooth and pleasant to touch. Every month shows a different cute animal, has enough space to write in, plus 2 free following pages to write down anything that requires more space. There is a birthday list for the whole year, dotted pages for more notes and 5 pages with perforation for easy separating them when needed. The designs of these 5 pages are the cover-designs of the other schedule books in this cute animal collection by Kohem.


  • Length: 155mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • Binding: sewn
  • Inside: full colour print, different types of pages
  • Cover: soft, double: consisting of paper & protective plastic cover

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Yours, Paperjoys

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