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Soft touch notebook by Mr. Wonderful – stationery review

I discovered so many beautiful things on my trip in Bordeaux. One of them was this soft touch notebook by Mr. Wonderful. I liked its soft cover which feels like suede, so much, that it obviously ended up in my shopping basket straight away. You don’t have to fly to France to get it, it’s also available here. But first, here is my review of the 3 main things I loved about it:

  • suede soft touch
  • delicately dotted grid inside
  • beautifully printed edges matching the cover
soft touch cover notebook by Mr.Wonderful

Tout ce √† quoi je pense (et que je ne dis pas toujours) – Everything I think about (and do not always say). I won’t ponder over this much, it’s a matter of fact which describes my daily writing. Sometimes you have to say it, but can’t, so you just write it down. Almost the same, isn’t it? But it’s not only meant to carry those thoughts, it might be your future challenges, plans or inspiring phrases, memories and ideas, that would evaporate if you didn’t write them down.

Dotted grid inside and printed edges
Dotted grid inside and printed edges

This notebook has a suede touch soft cover, and what’s more, you don’t have to worry, it probably won’t show signs of use too soon, good! In addition, the design of the cover is printed on the edges as well. 

The paper inside is a regular 75 gsm I guess, but the much sought after dotted grid. I like it, because it gives me the freedom to write where I want, but if I decide to “follow the rules” I got the dots guiding me safely. 


  • Paper: not stated, I guess 75 gsm
  • Page count: 192
  • Inside: dotted grid
  • Length: 200mm
  • Width: 142mm
  • Binding: sewn
  • Cover: soft, with soft touch¬†finish
  • Made in China

Here is an other exquisite notebook I discovered while in France.

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